Despite being in the lead in the first set, young Hamad Međedović, the winner of the recent ITF Antalya Tournament, has been defeated by Laslo Đere.

The young tennis player from Novi Pazar played better at the start of the match, he had a three game advantage, but his lack ran out towards the end of the match.

“When it comes to the first set, I started the match well. I was not nervous, I was feeling excellent, I was first to win a break point, and I had 4:1. Then my tennis declined, Đere seized his chance, turned the match over and won,” young tennis hopeful from Novi Pazar Hamad Međedović told the media.

Before the Serbia Open 2022, Laslo Đere played the semi-final in Marrakesh and the third round in Monte Carlo but Međedović managed to play as a competent rival during the entire match. This is something the beaten player in this tennis match is more than satisfied with.

“This tells me I’m on the right track. I’m aware how good of a player Đere is on this surface. It is a very good indicator for me. However, I have to work a lot more and improve my game so I hope I’ll have a better result next time.”

Hamad Međedović is not certain when it comes to his next tournament after Belgrade, but he still has a doubles match to play, with Czech player Jakub Menšík.

“I’m not sure about the next tournaments. We still haven’t made any decisions. In five weeks, I’ll play a challenger in the Czech Republic. I was awarded a wildcard into the main draw. However, I still haven’t decided whether I’ll play any tournaments before that,” Međedović made it clear.