Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the tournament attendance require a COVID-19 or administered vaccine certificate?

Based on the recommendations of the Serbian Government and the Crisis Task Force, the tournament attendance does not require a COVID-19 or administered vaccine certificate.

2. Is it mandatory to wear a face mask at the tournament?

Wearing of face masks at the tournament is not mandatory; their use is recommended in accordance with the Serbian Government’s decisions.

3. Is it necessary to keep phones in the silent mode during matches?

It is mandatory to turn off sound on all devices during matches in order not to disturb players.

4. Is it allowed to consume traditional cigarettes or an IQOS during matches?

It is not allowed to use traditional cigarettes or an IQOS during matches.

5. Does the tennis complex include an area for smokers?

Consumption of traditional cigarettes is not allowed at the Tennis Centre “Novak”.

6. Will the complex include toilets for spectators and what will their capacity be?

Toilets for spectators will be deployed at the Tennis Centre “Novak”, and their capacity will be adapted to a planned number of visitors.

7. Are seats numerated or visitors can sit anywhere, within their ticket category?

Each purchased ticket includes a seat number that should be followed.

8. Is there a dress code for the tournament?

There is no defined dress code, but spectators are expected to be dressed decently.

9. Does the complex include an area for refreshment, namely consumption of coffee or other beverages before matches or during breaks between sets or marches?

Within the complex, stands with refreshments will be deployed and spectators can buy then before matches or during breaks between sets or matches, but food and drinks must not be taken to stands.

10. Can I bring alcohol to the tournament?

No, alcoholic drinks must not be taken to tournament courts, but they can be purchased on the spot. If you consume alcohol, make sure you do it in a responsible manner.

11. When can spectators visit the Village?

Spectators who purchased tickets that include a visit to the Fan Village can visit it from 10 a.m. on working days and from 11 a.m. on Sunday.

12. Can visitors with a ticket purchased for matches only gain access to the Fan Village in a limited period of time?

All spectators with tickets purchased for matches on the Central Court can visit the Fan Village. Also, there are tickets exclusively for the Fan Village, and their owners have access to matches on Courts 1 and 2.

13. What is an age limit for free entrance to matches?

Free entrance is not provided.

14. Is there access to a Wi-Fi network on the courts?

For all visitors of the Tennis Centre “Novak”, free access to a strong signal Wi-Fi network will be provided.

15. Can posters be brought to matches?

It is allowed to bring to matches posters that will not put spectators and players at risk, as well as posters that do not discriminate based on religion, race, gender and nationality. Such posters will be confiscated.

16. Can I bring my pet to the tournament?

Only trained animals attended by an official are allowed to enter the TC Novak courts.

17. Which items are banned to bring to the tournament?

It is not allowed to bring to the TC Novak courts alcohol, weapon, illegal substances, glass, open beverage containers and bags and food and drinks purchased outside the complex. The tournament
visitors are allowed to bring empty water bottles for refill (such as HidroFlask, Svell, etc.). In case a spectator has any of the banned items upon entrance, they have to be discarded.

18. Can I bring mu camera to the courts and use it?

Camera (with flash switched off) can be used for taking photos / making videos for personal and private home use. Videos and photos must not be reproduced, exploited or featured in any manner or in any media without a specific written consent of the tournament organiser and the ATP Tour.

19. If I leave the complex, can I come back on the same day?

Once a visitor leaves the complex, it is not possible to enter again.

20. Can tickets be purchased on the spot, within the TC Novak?

Tickets can also be purchased on the spot when the tournament begins.

21. What happens with tickets in case of rain and consequently delayed matches?

Matches are rescheduled for the following day and tickets can be used then, whereas the schedule will be adapted to include regular matches planned for that day.