Whilst we are waiting for the start of the first match at the Serbia Open 2022, Laslo Đere was telling us how glad he was to have the support of local audience from the stands, his rituals ahead of the game and whether he was thinking about a different life calling instead of tennis
1) I am very pleased to be able to play in Belgrade in front of my home crowd once again this year. We are a small country, and we don’t have many tournaments and many opportunities to play in Serbia, but owing to Novak and his family, the ATP tournament returned to Belgrade and I’m very grateful for this opportunity to participate once again this year. In addition, I believe the tournament this year will be even more beautiful and better than a year ago where the pandemic affected the number of visitors on the stands. This time, I expect an exciting tournament and can hardly wait to play on the courts of “25. maj”.

2) I have my own rituals before the match but they mainly refer to the food I eat and my meal time. Also, I’m not superstitious but I like to stick to my own routine, not only before the match but generally in my private life to, and then especially during the tournaments.

3) Truthfully, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t play tennis. I might dabble in economics, namely I would probably do something related to the financial sector. However, I fell the best in sports and I’m grateful to be able to play tennis because tennis is, first of all, a very beautiful sport, but also a very beautiful lifestyle.