Laslo Đere has won an all-Serb match with Hamad Međedović in straight sets, 6:4,7:5, and is scheduled to take on Novak Đoković on Centre Court tomorrow.

Although he was falling behind three games in the first set, Đere managed to level up and win the first set. The second set was not a given for Đere either. However, his experience helped him win the match in the end.

“I was sort of catching up at the beginning of the match. I was passive and standing far behind the baseline. I noticed that and I tried to change something right away. I can now say that I was successful. Tomorrow is another day, different circumstances, and a different opponent. It will be a different day altogether, and I’ll try to prepare a tactic, have a game plan and realize my plans on the court. I’m looking forward to my match with Novak Đoković,“ said Laslo Đere.

The young tennis player now needs to focus on the duel with the world No. 1. Despite the fact that Đoković lacks match practice on clay, Đere only had nice words to say about the best player in the world.

“Đoković played only one match on clay but when you play against him, you never have any advantage over him. I even wonder whether we would be competent rivals. I watched Novak play in Monte Carlo but things change quickly in tennis. He is slowly gearing up and picking up on the tournament routine. I have to play my best tennis and focus on my game and don’t think about the outcome much. My only advantage can be that I will not be the one under pressure.

If someone should feel the pressure, that’s Đoković, but he might as well be the best tennis player in the world when it comes to coping with pressure as well. I’ll try to relax and enjoy the match.”

In his answer to the reporter’s question what he should do to defeat Đoković tomorrow, after a couple seconds, Đere said:

“We know each other very well. I will have to be at the top of my game in order to beat him, and not miss my chances. I’m motivated to win and I’m looking forward to our first clash.” Đere will be playing two all-Serb matches in a row.

“Sometimes it is difficult to play with Serbian tennis players. I know how to prepare. It will be different with Novak but I’m optimistic. I don’t want to feel any pressure. I’ll take it one point at a time.”

Finally, Laslo Đere also commented on support from the stands, namely the fact that the match is played in Belgrade.

“I feel fortunate to be able to play with Novak, especially in Belgrade, in front of home crowd. I know everything about him and his tennis. I expect a difficult match but also to play well. There is no doubt that I’ll have to be at the top of my game,” Đere concluded. The tennis player from Senta also mused on his beginnings in tennis.

“I’ve always looked up to Đoković when I was a kid. The change has been incredible in the last couple of years when I had the opportunity to play and practice with him at tournaments. I really respect him for everything that he has achieved. Now I have to learn to see him as my opponent tomorrow. He has been an excellent motivator for all players from Serbia. He showed us all the way and that everything is possible. He has made an admirable impact. Now I have to forget all that and focus on the upcoming match,” added Đere.