Italian tennis player Mateo Berrettini has won a place in the Serbian Open finals. He was victorious against Japan’s Tara Daniel in a three-set win, 6:1, 6:7, 6:0. Their match took place after the marathon-like first semi-final match between Đoković and Karatsev.
“I have watched most of the match because we were supposed to go on after them. They have made a lot of breaks, so, I was warming up the entire time. They played very well and it was entertaining to watch. I am sad the audience is not allowed in to watch too, we miss them and I hope this will change soon,” said Berettini.
He also analyzed his own performance, as well as his opponent’s.
’’I knew the match would be great, I lost to him three years ago. He is a dangerous player on the clay, he deserved to be in the semi-finals, he won against some pretty great players. I did not manage to end the match in the second set, he played excellently. I told myself I need to be better in the third set,” concluded the Italian.
He also spoke about his recovery after his stomach muscle injury.
“I have never had such an injury before, I didn’t know what to expect. The muscles hurt even during the most mundane movements. The worst part is the scar it left on the muscle tissue. Mentally and physically, you must be ready to deal with the pain, and that is the hardest part. If someone had told me that I would serve like this today, I would not have believed them. I am satisfied with the way I dealt with the situation today,” he said.
He is set to face Aslan Karatsev in the match for the trophy.