The best Serbian tennis player, Novak Đoković has once again said how thrilled he is with support he has had in the last couple of days and thanked Belgrade audience.

“You don’t have so many opportunities to play in front of your home crowd. Maybe once or twice a year if there is the Davis Cup tournament. All our tennis players love playing at the Serbia Open and we all like to play in Belgrade. We travel a lot across the globe but this is home. The last five or six days have been unforgettable. I would like to thank everyone. I did experience something similar here in 2011. But the stands were smaller back then, we can now accommodate almost 10,000 people. I was feeding off the energy from the stands until the end, until the final. I hope to be able to replay that proud moment and that feeling of satisfaction at challenging moments in the future,” Đoković said with a smile.