Paralympic athletes also had one wish before they parted ways with Đoković. They simply had to take a photo with him.
“Can we have a photo with you, please? We would be honoured.” Naturally, Đoković accepted the invitation. Then he received a special gift. He received a table tennis racquet from Paralympic champions Borislava Perić Ranković and Nada Matić.

“My colleagues say that we have to challenge you to play a table tennis match with us, or wheelchair tennis, Novak. What do you say?” Borislava Perić Ranković asked.

The best tennis player in the world quickly responded. “I’ve tried wheelchair tennis. It is hard but I would like to attend a match. Anyhow, I’ll take this racquet with me upon my return visit.”

At the very end, a group photo was taken and the Paralympians proceeded to watch tennis matches played on the second day of the tournament.