Ahead of the start of official matches to be played at the courts of the TC “Novak” we have prepared a couple of questions for our tennis player, Miomir Kecmanović, who has been in good form lately. Having in mind that the tournament is taking place in Serbia and in front of local audience, we wanted to know how much of a motivation is that. In addition, we also wanted to know if he had a special ritual before the match. We asked him too what would be his life calling if he did not opt for a tennis career.

1. It is an incredible feeling to play in front of local crowd, friends and family. I can hardly wait to step on the court and play tennis in front of, hopefully, full stands.

2. I don’t have any special ritual before the match. I need to warm up, focus and spend some time alone with my own thoughts.

3. I would like to be an astrophysicist because I’m interested in time and everything related to time. I find it all very interesting.