Asked what advice the world No. 1 would give to his younger self, Novak Đoković explained:

“There are some universal values and general features that are always useful. Commitment is one of them. It is important for a tennis player to think carefully, to think on her/his own, and then make a decision how dedicated they want to be to this sport. It is an individual sport and
no one can replace you when you’re injured. Maybe you don’t want to practice in the morning but you have to get up even when if it is the last thing you want to do. Then there are long-term and short-term goals, to be committed, to push forward, you have to find the energy and
recognise the moment when you need it the most. Our teenage years are years to explore, to find out more about ourselves. I was lucky to be surrounded by good people, real mentors, Jelena Genčić, Nikola Pilić, my parents. Some people were my teachers in life who taught me
about real values.”