In his answer to our questions how would he feel to play at the tournament taking place in his homeland and in front of local crowd, whether he had any special rituals ahead of the match and what would be his alternative life calling, Krajinović told us the following:

1) It is a great honour and pleasure to play in front of the home crowd in the capital, which brings out many cherished memories, and I’m very much looking forward to this tournament. We all like to play in front of our home crowd, our family and friends, because it boosts our morale a
lot. In addition, I’m positive that we will all do our best because to be able to play tennis in Belgrade is a unique opportunity, especially “25. maj” where we trained so many times. I played the quarterfinals there once, as well as one semi-finals, and I would like to take a step further
this time so I plan to prepare the best I can.

2) I don’t have any special rituals before I step on the tennis court but I do love listening to music and I like to change grips on my tennis racquets on my own because it relaxes me. I then take some time for myself and enjoy that time alone.

3) If I didn’t play tennis, I would certainly be doing something related to music although I’m not talented at all, and I believe myself to be a serious failure music-wise. However, music is something I like very much. In addition to the fact that I love listening to music, I like to sing a lot although my singing is really very bad. Regardless of that fact, after I retire from tennis, I plan to do something about that and to at least learn to play some instrument for myself.