We asked our Dušan Lajović how big of a motive can be to play in front of local audience and what would he do if he had chosen a different profession.

1) We can so rarely experience this incredible feeling of playing in front of our home crowd and it is always a pleasure to play at home. This gives the extra something to this tournament in Belgrade because we mainly play tournaments abroad where, despite many fellow countrymen among visitors, they are a majority on the stands on very few occasions.

2) I mostly try to plan the entire day when I play, and, just before I step on the court I like to find a place to be on my own, to be able to focus my mind on the game and the upcoming match for a couple of minutes.

3) I was very surprised when I listened to Agelast podcast with astrophysicist Tijana Prodanović as a guest. It is something I loved as a kid. I always found the cosmos fascinating and I believe I would enjoy my time as a student, or working as a professional in this field.