Ahead of this year’s Serbia Open tennis tournament, former World No. 3 and winner of the Adria Tour 2020, Dominic Thiem has highlighted that he is enjoying his time in Belgrade and that he can hardly wait to step on the court.

Thiem is currently ranked 51st in the ATP Tour and this is his chance to improve his rankings by making a good result. The Austrian will play against John Millman in the opening round.

“I leave a very long period of recovery behind me. I feel lucky to be in Belgrade again. I was here two years ago when I won the Adria Tour. I wanted to return last year but I suffered a wrist injury. I don’t know how I will play but I do know I will fight for every point. Belgrade marks the start of this tennis season for me and I plan to play every week before Roland-Garros. I am ready for the first match,” Dominic Thiem said.

When asked about his current physical shape and anticipations regarding the start of the tournament, the Austrian player did not offer any concrete response, having in mind that the Serbia Open is his first tournament this tennis season.

“For me it is very important to start playing again. Belgrade will give me an opportunity to play and practice with many of the Top 10 tennis players. I am not sure about by game and my physical shape but I believe it is important to fight for every point. I hope to play high-level tennis again. Roland-Garros is coming, a special tournament, and I am looking forward to playing there. I don’t know what to expect. I hope that in the year 2023 I will secure a place among top players I had in the past, namely that I would win Rolan-Garros because I plan to be on the top of my game at the tournament.

Dominic Thiem emphasises the support of his family during his recovery, “I was watching football and other sports and I spent time with my family. I am training full-time now and I focus on the comeback. I feel very good,” Thiem concluded.

I tried ajvar with bread

Two years ago Dominic Thiem had an opportunity to visit Belgrade. This time, according to his own words, he is solely focused on the tournament. However, the Austrian player did not miss a chance to praise hospitality of the Serbian capital.

“I was very busy with my training sessions in the last couple of days but I do enjoy my time at the courts of TC “Novak” in Belgrade. The river is close by and I have this excellent experience from two years ago. I had an opportunity to do some sightseeing in the capital back then and I like the city very much. This time I do not have so much time.

Have you had a chance to try a typical Serbian dish and what did you like? “I tried ajvar and bread and I liked it very much,” Thiem said with a smile.