The 18-year-old tennis player then talked about Novak Đoković. He had an opportunity to see Novak
often at the complex of tennis courts in the last couple of days. It is now a well-known fact that the
Serbian tennis player is the young Danish player’s idol, the fact Rune willingly admits to.

“Novak is really great. We’ve had a chance to practice in Monaco together before that match in New
York. He gave me a lot of good advice, first of all when it comes to mental toughness, how to keep my
cool at the court at decisive moments and play my own game.

When we had an opportunity to officially play against each other, it was a bit different. Generally speaking, when it comes to the Big Three, he is
the best when it comes to young players and his willingness to give advice. I know he kicked my ass in that
match but his tips are priceless,” Rune concluded.