It’s not easy playing the best player in the world, said Kecmanović.
“It wasn’t easy at all, I was under a lot of pressure during the whole match. At times I had good points and I played well, especially in the second set. I feel bad for the opportunities I didn’t take, but surely this experience will help me later in my career”, he said and added:
“He is playing well, and he is the best in the world. This affected me. I hope I will learn the lessons and know how to apply them next time. In general, I shouldn’t enter the match with any hesitation. When you start poorly, then it’s hard to play against players like this. I should have played better at some points. Through matches like this, the more I play, the more I will be able to impose myself at that higher level”, said the World no. 47.
As of this year, he has been working with Argentinian former tennis player David Nalbandian.
“I like the way we work a lot, I think he can help me a lot. There are a lot of ideas we are working on, I started recording better results on clay than in previous years. That could be even better, and I hope that we will achieve everything we set out to do”, he says.
He has been ranked around no. 50 for a while, and he eagerly wishes to change this.
“I have been in that position for some time and that is the main reason why I called David – to break through that barrier and move forward. We made a good plan, I am working hard and I hope that I will make progress. Now it is necessary to achieve very good results in order to be able to progress”.
What would he like to achieve before Wimbledon:
“My goal, when I called David, was to move up in the ATP rankings as much as possible. I wanted to see what I could improve. Our goal is to move forward as much as we can. When we achieve what he wants from me, I think I will move up in the rankings. He pointed out a lot of things to me – to be more professional, better, to train more, and to take everything more seriously”.
Talking about playing in his home city:
“It was fun to play and be at home. It seems like I have a normal life during the day at the tournament, I can go home. Now I feel much better and more motivated to play well in the following tournaments as well”.