Today we celebrate the International Earth Day. In the last couple of years, the world has witnessed major climate changes and Serbia Open organisers have recognised the importance of environmental protection some time ago.

The One Ticket – One Tree campaign has launched the activities for greener Serbia. Owing to tennis fans who have been watching the Serbia Open from the stands of the TC Novak in the last couple of days, more than 40,000 trees on approximately 100 hectares of land will be planted across the country. This year’s tournament will also provide a contribution to environmental protection as one tree per each ticket sold will be
planted in towns across Serbia! There are a few tickets left for today’s matches and Serbia Open organisers invite tennis lovers to buy tickets and join a large-scale campaign for reforestation of Serbia.

Trees have so far been planted in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Zrenjanin and Leskovac. Reforestation efforts will move ahead in Niš, Pančevo, Šabac, Smederevo, Novi Sad and Bačka Topola, and the campaign has continued throughout the week.

Visit the TC Novak and make your own contribution to add another tree to Serbia!